Resume Away!

I was a good girl and sent my resume off for the ORISE jobs last night. Yay! Next will be to fill out the CDC application for their Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) program. The application is due 9/15. I'll e-mail out the requests for letters of recommendation tomorrow. I mentioned that I'm applying for an EIS job to our state's most recent EIS officer. He thought it was a great idea that I am applying and told me to call if I needed anything in the process.

Tonight's Movie
Bullitt. It's not too far along yet. I haven't missed the fabulous car chase yet in which the little VW beetle gets passed about six times and in which one of the vehicles loses five hubcaps.

Food Fun!
I've got a sink full of basil leaves from the garden. Literally. I'm soaking them at the moment to float off the bugs. Then I'll blot them dry and turn a third of them into pesto and freeze the rest.


Twitchh said…
Good luck with ORISE and EIS, Morenna!

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