This Week's Spam

I'm always amused by the various things that are sent to me.

First, I'm supposed to be *downloading* MS Office at an incredibly good price from an unknown vendor. Aside from the fact that it's likely to be something besides MS Office that I'd be downloading and/or a pirated copy of the software, do you have any idea how LONG it would take to download all of MS Office on anything other than a screaming fast network connection?

Second, I have again had distant relatives I have never heard of die in foreign lands and leave me millions of dollars in cash. The "catch" of course, is that I must give all the relevant account numbers and other identifying information PLUS sacrifice 55% of the money to the guy who has been trying diligently for two years to find little old me. In the best lolcat speech, this scam is summed up thusly: i can haz rich ded relative. *mai* ded relative. legal dood can gets hiz own ded relative. stoopid legal dood.

Third, my wife apparently won't perform sexual favors for me. This is particularly interesting given that I have no wife and the sexual favors she won't perform aren't actually possible with the anatomy we have.

Fourth, I apparently have been playing the lottery in foreign countries with some success. Now, if I could only find the ticket I didn't buy....

It's a wonder I don't develop an inferiority complex with all the physical shortcomings I apparently have, based on the messages I am sent. Of course, most of the shortcomings seem to be related to male anatomy and sexual prowess, which is amusing given that I'm female....

I have noticed that the spammers are starting to include usernames in their subject lines, so it appears that the message is actually being directed at me. It will be worth watching to see if they apply this tactic to messages sent to multiple addresses. Thinking about spam makes me very curious how complicated the filtering algorithms are for spam filters. I wonder if I can find an example algorithm on the internet somewhere. Have to look for that the next time I get bored.

Tidying up the Hard Drive
I got another error message in iTunes today. Downloading podcasts was suspended because my HD was getting full. I had about 11 MB free. So I started deleting junk files and then I went through the 1198 podcast episodes I had downloaded and threw away the ones I won't listen to or the old ones for the various series. Now I'm down to <800 podcasts and picked up another 10GB of free space. Of course, I still need to order a new internal HD. No matter what I delete, I'll be running out of space on the existing 80 GB drive before long.

Laundry Oops....
I have pink bath towels now. It would seem that the red placemats are still bleeding dye even though they've been washed before. I have pink bath towels now. They used to be fluffy white towels. Now they're fluffy pink towels. I also have a pink t-shirt that I won't be wearing to work any more. Fortunately nothing else was affected. I imagine the dye will wash out in a couple of weeks. I could bleach the towels but I don't know that I am that upset about it.


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