Stupid Stupid Stupid!

What the h*ll would make a person think that setting off a Roman Candle underneath someone's door is a good idea? I'd like to think that college students were not complete morons, but I may be wrong. Of course alcohol was involved. The state's attorney has charged the surviving students with arson, not murder, though they say they could have charged the three with murder in the death of their roommate and fellow student after their house burned down. The reason for the lesser charge was that the SA's office doesn't believe they did it on purpose. Isn't that what the charge of manslaughter is for or the lesser murder charges? Instead they're going to "be nice" and let the kids get away with killing someone. Brilliant. I hope the parents of the deceased student bring civil charges.

Speaking of stupid legal proceedings, Judge "These Are Not My Pants" is appealing the decision against his $54 million lawsuit. Paperwork was filed at the beginning of the week. I hope they laugh at him and tell him to get over it and go buy more pants. He's definitely securing a spot for himself in the category of "More money than sense". People on power trips really bug me especially when the sole purpose for the power trip seems to be to make the lives of other people miserable. I can only imagine what sort of judge he is, given the current apparent lack of judgement. It does appear that he's at risk of losing his job now, so someone has been paying attention.


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