The Quote of the Day

From the spam folder:
"It's not pollution that's damaging the environment. It's the contaminants in the air and water."

Um....yeah. I'd never make it as a spammer. I'd be fixing the grammatical and factual errors in the stupid messages I had to send out.

I was nominated the group driver today. That's ok. I like driving. Of course this cuts right into the knitting time while in the back seat. I am knitting this evening in my hotel room though, so that's good. I'm also watching Lord of the Rings on DVD since there isn't much on TV.

You'd Think I'd Learn...
Steph is away this month. She clearly stated so on her blog. And I still go there about twice a week before I remember that there aren't new postings this month. Sigh.

Odd Dreams
For once I actually remembered a dream when I woke up. Usually I don't remember. I don't, of course, remember any of it now either, but I do remember explaining something to some guy. I recall it being an unusual setting and circumstances, but that's about it. I wonder what the show will be this evening....


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