It wasn't a particularly bad week, but it sure feels good to be at the weekend.

Where is the water going?!
I know, I know!! There's a leak in the hose that runs from the skimmer to the pump. So the pool drains itself to the level of the bottom of the skimmer opening. I'll tear that apart tomorrow. I don't know if the connection is leaky or if there's a hole in the hose. In any event, ain't no point in trying to put more water in the pool if it won't stay there.

The Usual Suspects
It's another fun packed errand weekend! I'll mow the front yard and really will get the weed whacker out this time. I did get the flower beds weeded and watered tonight. I even cut back the coreopsis. I've got a hundred baby daisy plants coming up in the north bed. I'll have to transplant them in a couple of weeks. They're too small right now. There are plenty of coreopsis to move too. I wonder if they'd live in the poison ivy corner. Nothing else seems to do very well there.

I'm good on groceries this week, but I'll have the normal amount of laundry and cleaning. I've also decided to start documenting expenditures in QUicken. I had started that before I moved, but got sidetracked and then put it off for a while. Now I'll just call August 1st the start of my fiscal year and start anew, instead of trying to fill in the past 12 months.

For a reward, I'll probably go see a movie on Sunday. I don't know which one, but something. The Goodwill store is having a 50% off sale this weekend too so I might have to stop by and see what they've got.


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