Street Sense Takes the Travers

And jockey Calvin Borel is talking to himself on the ride back to the winner's circle, hooting and hollering and generally being very happy. I suspect he has no idea that the microphone is still on and everybody watching ESPN can hear him.

It was a pretty close finish. Grasshopper, one of the longshots, failed to fade quickly in the stretch after Street Sense made his move. Robbie Albarado kept him on the lead and forced Mr. Borel to squeeze out every last bit of speed from Street Sense. Street Sense pulled it off by a head. Just after the two horses passed the wire, Mr. Borel reached over and tapped knuckles with Mr. Albarado. They have apparently known each other for years and have a friendly rivalry. It was nice to see a show of good sportsmanship and respect between athletes at the end of a heated competition.

Harvesting Corn
It's corn harvesting season here. One field had the stalks baled. I'm hoping they aren't going to feed the baled stalks directly, but perhaps there's a use for them than livestock feed. It seems too early in the season for harvesting corn, but then again they planted earlier here too.

I don't remember when the cotton harvest starts, but I think it's October some time. I suspect the crop isn't doing very well with the complete lack of rain.

No Amphibicows
I am sad to report there are no amphibicows this year. The pond they used to cool themselves in is completely dry this summer. The farmer took the opportunity to re-grade the bottom of the pond, which I thought was pretty smart. Maybe we'll get enough rain to fill the pond before it gets cold and there will be amphibicows yet this year.

Yard Work Day
I have managed to weed whack most of the weeds needing whacking. I also had to reload the cutting line (the whack) in the whacker. Later when the line jammed and I had to take the spool out to clear the jam I managed to drop the silly thing on the ground so it unwound on me. I didn't do a very good job of rewinding it so it kept jamming and I finally quit whacking. I also mowed what parts of the lawn needed it. Most of the backyard is dead, except where I've been running the waste water from the pool.

I ended up spending about 3 1/2 hours outside working on the lawn. I started early so it never seemed like it got too hot. I even mowed off the part of the garden where the radishes and lettuces were growing. I'll water it a bit to soften things up, then till that section under next weekend so I can plant a fall crop. About all that's growing right now is the basil, peppers, tomatoes and zucchini. The acorn squash and cucumber vines are dead. I've got about a dozen squash for the fall/winter.

Local Wildlife
The spider in the front flower bed.


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