Windy Night

Not only was it rainy last night, apparently there was significant wind damage in the county when the front went through. There were several thousand folks without power and a couple people at the office had trees down in their yards or neighborhoods. The power at my house flickered a few times and made the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) shriek, but never did go completely out or even make the alarm clock lose its time. I was a good girl though and shut down the desktop computer, just in case things did drop. All the trees at my house came through with no damage and no shingles were lifted on my roof. One of the gates in the wooden fence was blown open this morning (no damage, just open) and the lids to the compost bin had blown off, but that's not exactly damage.

Rumor has it, there will be freezing rain and sleet tonight, so the drive to work tomorrow could be "interesting". I'll get up a bit earlier than usual to give myself a bit of extra time. There may be some snow accumulation on Friday. It was already being discussed as a "Weather Event" on the radio and at least a few of the network TV channels are advertising having up-to-date school closing information announcements when the snow comes. I suspect White Death 2008 will end up being largely a non-event, but I'm going to avoid the grocery store anyway.

Taxing Days are Here Again
(yeah, ok. bad pun. shoot me.) I think I've gotten all the necessary tax forms from all the necessary organizations/agencies to do my taxes for 2007. Now I just need to track down the appropriate forms. Maybe this weekend I'll do a draft of my 2007 return. While I'm at it, I really ought to start up the Quicken stuff again. It was nice having my accounts listed and organized when I did it and not too much trouble when I kept it up to date. I liked having instant balance information to check against the online bank records and the tracking of expenses for budgeting was nice too. I've been putting it off since I moved 18 months ago.


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