Cold Update

My voice is definitely still not my own. The hacking cough started today, so I picked up cough syrup and cough drops on the way home. My head isn't terribly stuffy and the drainage seems to have stopped. I'll have a bit of Benadryl and some cough syrup before bed to keep the sneezing and the coughing at bay while I try to sleep. We'll see how things are in the morning.

Morning Mishaps
Speaking of morning, the power went out here just after 6am. Ordinarily this is about when I get out of bed for my shower, if I'm not bothering to workout. I decided to wait on the power to come back before taking a shower. Not much point in getting all wet when I can't dry my hair and there's no heat in the house. On top of that, I can't get my car out of the garage if the garage opener isn't working. I figured I'd wait it out. About 6:30 I decided that if the power wasn't back on by 7am, I'd call in to work and let them know I'd be late due to no power. And then the power zipped back on at 6:40. I did manage to get to work on time and even had time to eat my breakfast at home.


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