Noisy Birds!

Only two "birdies", but they did fly straight over the top of my house. I came out the back door and looked straight up at the belly of the first one. I *love* the sound of low-flying Hueys! The side doors were closed so I didn't wave.

I have gotten most of my "work" done today and now have two days left to goof off. I had planned to have my usual weekend breakfast out this morning, but the Perkins parking lot was packed so I skipped it for today. Maybe tomorrow. I did cook hashed browns at home and maybe I'll make pancakes for dinner, so I'm eating the same food I'd have eaten out anyway. I do have a big pot of vegetable soup in the crockpot and I may bake bread tomorrow. The house smells yummy!

An Interesting Perspective
The other day, I overheard someone state that a woman's wedding day was the most important day of her whole life. My mind boggled. I guess I figured there would be larger accomplishments in a woman's life than wearing a dress, having dinner and eating cake. I suppose it boggles the mind of people here that shopping, the right outfits and hair/make-up aren't my highest priorities.


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