It's a shopping spree!

I was amused to hear that when the wall between Gaza and Egypt was blown up this morning, tens of thousands of Gaza residents streamed into Egypt to purchase various products in short supply in Gaza. The list of items observed in the NPR broadcast included cooking oil, cheese, other miscellaneous food items and cement mix. Cement mix? It seemed so out of place with all the other food items. I cannot imagine hauling 100 pound bags of cement more than 20 yards, never mind going to a foreign country to get some. Perhaps they intend to replace the wall once everybody has a chance to re-stock their larders.

The second bizarre NPR observation today:
"...this shows that there are philosophical differences between the two [main political] parties." Well, what sort of differences did you expect to exist between parties? I suppose there might be some socio-economic and demographic differences, but wouldn't the big differences be in philosophy? I never took a political science course, so I really don't know for certain but I thought that was amusing and a rather obvious, probably meaningless observation.

Odd Anti-viral Product of the Week
The Kleenex company has introduced an anti-viral tissue. It says it is "moisture-activated". I suppose that's the polite way of saying "snot-activated". I sincerely hope this new invention doesn't lure people into thinking they don't need to wash their hands after blowing/wiping their noses.

Oh, what a different age makes....
This evening, I stopped by the grocery store to purchase "feminine products". (Don't you just love euphemisms!) I quickly found what I needed, plus a package of frozen bagels, then went through the self-check lane. Everything worked smoothly. Until I got to the theft detection sensor at the exit door. Lights and bells go off. The door watcher breaks into a grin and says "What are you trying to steal?" I hold open my bag and say "Tampons and bagels." She laughs. Apparently tampons are a high-risk item when it comes to shoplifting. Anyway, this whole incident would have COMPLETELY traumatized me as a teenager. Heck, I'd have tried to avoid making the purchase myself if at all possible. Now I don't really care if the world knows I have a functional reproductive tract. Oddly enough one of the women at work was embarrassed when our clinic doc brought feminine products from home (he was cleaning out the bathroom cabinet since the newly ex-wife moved out) and asked if any of us could use them. It really surprised me that she was embarrassed about it.

I Have More Fashion Sense than a Four Year Old!
I wish I had a picture of this outfit. Here is what my sister described my niece wearing last weekend: blue jeans, a pink Disney Princesses PJ top, a flowered vest, Hello Kitty! socks on her feet, striped Disney Princess knee socks on her hands/arms and her brother's Spider Man hat on her head. I would have never worn that outfit. You should *never* combine multiple cartoon characters in the same outfit. She should have just stuck with the Princesses.


Stefaneener said…
Socks on hands is a huge fashion accessory around here. I don't get it, but we do a lot of weird things with clothes that don't work for me.

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