Happy New Year!

Cough. Sneeze. Sniffle.

Yep, I've got a cold. I'm trying very hard to not cough because my throat is sore. I don't quite have Barry White's voice, but it certainly isn't my voice either. My stomach can't decide if it's nauseous from the goo draining into it or if it's hungry. I had some toast earlier. I'd really like some coffee, but I forgot to pick up nonfat dry milk powder at the store this week. (I like it better than the non-dairy creamer in my coffee and it doesn't go bad like regular milk.)

In the meantime I'm watching football and trying to decide if I have the mental ability left to knit or if I should just play computer games. The former would be relaxing and feel productive. The latter would involve some social interaction with friends, even if they are 400 miles away. The latter would also involve bashing bad monsters to death, which is always therapeutic. Since I can't decide, I've been laying on the couch making fussy noises. I'd send me to my room for a time out, but I don't think I'd stay there.


Twitchh said…
Hope you feel better soon, Morenna!

/me beams lots and lots of get-healthy energy your way!

Stefaneener said…
Poor you! Seems to be the season. Even my yoga teacher has some wicked flulike thing, although weirdly enough she can do yoga. . . like being taught by Barry White!

Drink that hot lemon/honey/ginger stuff my kids swear by! Take care.

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