Icy Morning

Well, the roads weren't bad this morning. It was wet, but not icy. Of course, at 5am, the air temperature was just above freezing, so I wasn't too surprised about the lack of ice. Nearly all the schools in the region were closed, so traffic wasn't as heavy as usual.

In contrast, my deck was frozen pretty nicely. The picture isn't all that great, but you can see icicles on the grill and the deck rail. The birdseed on the railing was encased in ice, but I figured it melted pretty quickly.

The rain continued throughout the day and turned to freezing rain for a little bit this afternoon. Freezing rain and snow are expected to continue this evening, but little accumulation should occur, unlike back in Champaign-Urbana where 8 inches are expected by tomorrow afternoon. Crummy weather days like that were always fun when I worked for the ambulance company. We actually got to work trauma/car accidents and the number of transfers between hospitals and nursing homes was very limited.

This evening, I am ensconced in my favorite chair, watching Donovan's Reef on DVD, drinking a big mug of decaf and trying to figure out what I want to knit.


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