Vocabulary Pet Peeves

Do not make fun of people who say "aks" instead of "ask" if you say "excape" instead of "escape".

It's not a "thermal infrared camera". That would be redundant. It's either thermal *or* infrared. You'd think a show on the National Geographic Channel would know better.

I caught about 30 seconds of "Flip This House" this evening and managed to hear the word "relitor" instead of "realtor". I wonder if that has anything to do with the owners/flippers being unable to sell their house?

"Jewlery" instead of "jewelry" is the other word in common usage that drives me crazy and don't get me started on "nucular". Every time I hear someone say "nucular" I hear Professor Dale Van Harlingen tell those of us in his physics 101 course that he'll flunk us if we say "nucular" instead of "nuclear". I really wish Prof Van Harlingen would get a chance to meet President Bush.

I do believe that one of the reasons I don't watch much television. The inaccurate use or pronunciation of language just drives me bonkers.

Oh, My Aching Seatbones!
But it's a good thing! I spent 20 minutes on the bike last night and had a good workout. Tonight I stretched really well and I'll do some crunches. I'd like to do pushups but ye olde shoulder still doesn't like them. I tried stretching out my shoulder last night while laying on my stomach and it's unhappy with me today. I think I will have to break down and see a doc about it. It's been a couple months and doesn't seem to be getting much better.

Go Ender's Shadow!
I highly recommend this audiobook if you're at all a fan of Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. There are four voices in the Ender's Shadow audiobook and it's very well read. It's just like storytime!!! Right now Bean, the protagonist, is tormenting the adults by refusing to play their psychological games. It's interesting to see/hear a different perspective on the events at Battle School during Ender's stay there. I spent five hours listening last night and will probably get in at least 3 1/2 hours tonight. It's great as a backdrop to my knitting and I would much prefer to listen to audiobooks than to watch television.


Twitchh said…
And "most fastest", and "very unique", etc. :-)

Yeah -- Those bug me a lot, too, and it seems I'm hearing them more and more often. (Or is that "more oftener"? :-) )
Stefaneener said…
My good buddy says rotator cuff injuries are the injury of choice among women of a certain age.

See a doctor, do therapy, get better.

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