Just because we're short on rain

DOESN'T mean we need to make up that deficit in a single day!!! Several inches of rain fell here this morning. Some of the roads were reportedly covered by 18 inches of water. Of course, several of us were out driving in it doing a site visit. (Well, I was driving, but several of us had to zip between car and building in the rain.) Now the yard is all squelchy, which makes it kind of fun to walk around.

HBD to me!!
Yesterday was my birthday. I have completed yet another trip around the sun. A cyberfriend "sent" me a cake. I took myself out to lunch at a yummy sandwich shop where I had a grilled portabello mushroom wrap. When I got home, there was a small package from my Dad and stepmom waiting for me (earrings and a lovely bar of lavendar soap). I caught up on phone calls with my sister and my mom, then wrapped up the day opening the box that Twitchh sent me. That box turned out to be half full of DVDs off my wish list and half full of t-shirts from this year's SuperComputing conference. Yay!

D*** the Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!
I've given up on making excuses for my shoulder. I'm just going to start working out. I'll do as much as my shoulder will tolerate and work around its abilities. I will not delay working out any longer. I can either use lighter weights to prevent causing more trouble for that shoulder or I can focus more on cardio workouts, if necessary.

I also have devised a new evening schedule that incorporates working out. I used to always think I'd get up early and workout before work. This happened occasionally but not regularly. I realized just the other day that I have about 5.5 hours every evening to do with as I wish. That ought to give me plenty of time to get in a workout PLUS reading/website work/knitting. I really can't make excuses any longer. Rather than picking which days of the week I will workout, I'm going to follow my buddy Twitchh's approach and just focus on getting in 3-4 days per week on whichever days work best for me. That way I cannot beat myself up for missing any given day since I don't have a specific schedule. I think this plan has a high probability of success.


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