Second Post of the Day, in which I Solve *TWO* of the World's Problems

First, I have figured out how to fix the US economy. It apparently needs stimulation and growth. The answer to this problem appeared in my inbox and the solution seems obvious: Viagra and Enzyte. That ought to get the economy up and make it more "enhanced".

Second, I have figured out how to pay for the "Economic Stimulus Package" (which again sounds like someone is in need of a larger penis or at least some batteries). Rather than spending tens of millions of dollars a week on the war in Iraq, either directly to the military or to contractors, a fraction of that money could be diverted to fix the economy. Besides, wouldn't you think buying ammunition and other war toys would somehow figure into *adding* money to the economy? Or perhaps this exercise is just proving that the only people benefiting from the war are the defense contractors.

(Which is not to say that I do not support the troops, because I do. I also think some leadership changes in certain countries needed to be made. OTOH, me thinks having a plan to end the exercise at some point might be a good idea, but what do I know.)


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