Nearly Human

I went to work today. I thought about staying home when I woke up with a slight headache, but it went away with a long hot shower. I felt pretty perky as well and didn't have much of a cough, so I figured I'd give the work thing a try. If I got too worn out by lunchtime, I could always come home. I did better than I thought. I had a good bit of energy the whole day and only had one bad coughing fit when my throat got dry. As long as my cough continues to abate, I ought to be almost 100% by the end of the weekend!

Work was even productive. I got a couple of piles of paperwork filed and the rest of it sorted out for filing next week. I didn't get to the data entry, but that's ok. It'll still be there next week. Instead of doing data entry, I helped make a mess of someone else's cube by pulling out old files and making room for some of the new mess. It's something that has needed to be done for a while and we got started on it today.

This weekend will be sort of productive. I've already got the shopping and most of the errands done for this weekend. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to see The Golden Compass. Sunday I'm headed to my "local" Borders bookstore to use up the $15 in Borders Bucks I've earned, to use the 30% off coupon I have and also to return a computer book I purchased while travelling a couple weeks ago. I thought the computer book was a bit more advanced than it is. I don't know what I'll purchase instead. It's always hard for me to pick the right book when I go book shopping. I want to pick something that really is good, not something that appears to be good early on but really is just mediocre once you spend some time with it. I suppose it's not unlike picking someone to date. Certainly getting rid of a book you've had for a long time can be just as difficult as getting rid of a significant other you've had for a long time.


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