Foggy Mornings

Of course I don't have any good pictures of it, but today is a lovely foggy morning. Despite the clouds and fog, it's really quite bright out. This is the sort of morning I really liked when I worked at the track. You could hear the horses galloping, but you couldn't see them coming and then suddenly they'd emerge out of the fog. Sounds carry differently in fog, though I cannot explain why the extra moisture in the air would do that. It doesn't seem like rain causes sound distortion in that way.

I think the perfect foggy morning would involve a bay window looking out over a lake, a big mug of coffee, a comfortable chair and a good book. Alas, I have only two of the four necessities, but I did look out across the backyard for a while as I drank my coffee.

Biscotti Weekend
For some unknown reason, I got into a biscotti kick. I started with cinnamon biscotti, though I tried to out-think the recipe and nearly ended up with an inedible end product. The recipe said to form the dough into two logs. I didn't think there was enough dough to make two logs, so I made one, which then did not cook well and remained spongy after the alloted baking time. I was able to salvage things by baking a bit longer, then baking the cut biscotti longer than the recipe said. There was still a slight metallic/baking powder taste in the final product though this was obscured when I dipped the biscotti in my coffee. A second attempt at the biscotti was much more successful. Today I made triple chocolate biscotti (cocoa in the dough, plus chopped semi-sweet and white chocolate) and I have a batch of maple-pecan biscotti in the oven now. Add that to the remains of the whole-wheat peanut butter cookies, and it's a plethora of sweets!

Of course, what I really needed to make was a batch of anise biscotti and use up some of the anise seed I bought for holiday baking, but I didn't quite get to that. Maybe tomorrow night.


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