I am a cheese junkie

Yes, when I have a less than spectacular day. I want CHEESE. Today I drove in to town for the express purpose of buying the makings for a cheese sammich. Two cheese sammiches later (sharp cheddar, dill pickles and mustard on dark rye), I feel a whole lot better. Of course, I figure out what I really wanted more than halfway through the day, but better late than never.

In other food news, the vegetable soup I made yesterday doesn't taste very yummy. It isn't bad, but it's not something I'm going to want to eat every day for the next week. Of course, I have LOTS of it, given that soup made in a crockpot seems to quadruple in quantity after it is taken out of said crock. I'll have to peruse the cookbook collection to see if I can somehow transmogrify it into something else. Dumping a bunch of chili powder into it would at least turn it into a sort of chili. Chili with potatoes and carrots, but still chili.

And I didn't bake any bread, but I do have whole wheat peanut butter cookies in the oven at the moment. Does that count?

Superbowl Plans
I'm no longer horribly excited about the upcoming Superbowl. I had hoped that Green Bay would win last night, but the Giants prevailed in overtime. The Packers just couldn't move the ball down the field and I don't think I saw more than a handful of passes end up complete. I don't want the Patriots to win the Superbowl, but I"m not sure the Giants can defeat them. Of course, the way Green Bay played last night, I'm not sure they could either. Then again, the fact that the temperature was -4 degrees last night might have some impact on the performance level, though one would assume that the Giants would also have been negatively impacted.

There was a hilarious fumble recovery attempt in the 4th quarter. There must have been four or five players who pushed, bumped or kicked the ball on the ground, but were unable to actually grab it, thanks to numb, uncooperative fingers. Finally everybody just dove onto the ball and the first body over it got the recovery. Nearly all the players on the field ended up in the pile so I suspect at least some of them only dove in to take advantage of group body warmth, not to actually capture the ball (which was already underneath four or five other players). The officials seemed to have some difficulty breaking up the tackle pile, which also makes me think it was a warmth thing.

Of course, despite my disappointment with the line up for the Superbowl, I will still watch the game. Well, to be precise, I will be watching the commercials. I will listen occasionally to the game, but will only stop whatever else I am doing to watch the commercials. With any luck this will be a good year for them. Last year was somewhat disappointing, even for the Budweiser commercials.


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