Well, that was a productive day.

I wrote the entire quarterly newsletter in the first four hours of the day today. Of course, I failed to bring a copy home with me to edit the embedded .pdf file in them. I suppose I could edit the .pdf separately and then paste it back into the document at work. I need to trim the first and third pages off of a document. Should be quick enough to do. (Famous last words....)

But now my brain is fried. Tonight is knitting night at the library, but I'd rather just sit in my chair and drool. Right now I'm watching The Green Mile and fixing to have a samich for dinner.

RIP Johnny Hart
Mr. Hart was the creator of the comics B.C. and The Wizard of Id. He died at his storyboard over the weekend. He was 76 years old.

Random News:
What did you expect Iran to say, that they had the capability of doing uranium enrichment at a "hobby scale"? Of course they said it was "industrial scale". How scary would a hobby uranium enrichment plant be? You can see one of those at the grade school science fair. What I find amusing is that it doesn't seem to have occurred to anybody yet that the Iranians *might* just by lying about this, yet we cannot possibly trust them to tell us the truth about anything else in the world. Sigh.

Caffeine consumption is associated with reduced risk of Parkinson's Disease. Of course, I find this out as I give up caffeine. In my personal experience, twitching of various body parts had a distinct positive relationship to increasing amounts of caffeine.

Apple sold the 100 millionth iPod this past week. W00t!


C. H. Green said…
Just stopping in to say hi. Hope you had a nice holiday.

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