Brain Dead

Well, day two of SNS Mobile Preparedness Class is over. My brain is fried. Class went well. I got elected to stand up and explain how my table of people would set up a POD (Point of Dispensing) Site in a given location. We apparently did a fairly decent job of organizing things as there weren't any big questions or problems identified. My table of folks thought I did a decent job of presenting too. Right now I'm really tired though and, at 7:50pm, just about ready to go to bed.

Tomorrow I have another day of training, though on a completely different subject. Hopefully it won't be so tiring.

An interesting observation
Today I listened to three women in their 50s gossiping about whether or not several of the men in a restaurant were or were not gay. I had the distinct impression I was back in high school again. One of them said she "just had to know" as though she was going to be creeped out or somehow contaminated by being in proximity to a homosexual. She was definitely relieved to find out one of the guys who she was convinced was gay is actually married. I wonder if it's ever crossed her mind that he might not have figured it out himself yet or that he might have a marriage of convenience. I suspect not. :o)

I'm still trying to figure out what difference it makes if someone is gay and who cares. It's not like *she* is going to be involved with any of the guys in question since she's married. It may well be a cultural thing and/or a very conservative thing at that. I have been informed that in a year or two I'll be turned into a "Southern Belle" and settle down and marry a nice guy and have kids. I replied that I wasn't exactly looking and that most men find me rather intimidating given that I'm just about 99.9% independent and self-reliant. The one guy in the vehicle nodded and suggested I might have luck finding guys who could deal with that at the gym. I'm not sure she knew what to do/say when I said I wasn't actually looking to be in a relationship. I'm not sure that option ever occurred to her. As far as I can tell, everybody here is brainwashed into believing that you can't have a fulfilling life without being married and having kids. Oddly enough, even those women who have been divorced at least once STILL think that. Sigh. How can you even hope to have a successful relationship if you can't be happy independently?

One of these days someone is going to aggravate me one too many times about my failure to have marriage as an end goal in my life. Frankly, it's absolutely none of their business if/when I ever date anybody or who I might date. And I'll be hard pressed to not make up something outrageous, like that I'm dating a girl from New York, though that ought to get them to quit asking if I'm dating yet. Of course it will also gain me some bad karma, I'm sure, tormenting the conservatives. I'll have to practice saying, "No comment" when the subject comes up.


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