First Day of SNS Class

Well, I must say I was impressed. I had thought it was just a state-produced course on Strategic National Stockpile deployment. I was wrong. It's actually a CDC-run course on Mobile Preparedness. The course materials are thorough, the instructors are engaging and the information is actually useful. Now I need to read through our regional SNS plan and figure out what my role is. Of course, I got asked today if I'd help re-write the plan later this summer, so I really will have to read it and understand it.

Speaking of writing things up, I should probably summarize the SNS training for the folks who weren't there but still need the info. I'm pretty sure the info won't get around if I don't do that. I will have to write a report after the TB stuff is over so someone in the future will have some idea of what was done. Right now there's no info on the past TB problems at that facility. I keep getting told that's because the people who did things then aren't here now, as though that explains why it's ok. I would think that staff turnover would actually lead to a desire to document things so that when staff do leave that knowledge is not lost. This is apparently not the case.

I got called on in class several times. I guess they've figured out that I'll share an opinion or three when asked. (I should probably quit doing that.) One of the instructors is a paramedic so we traded war stories at lunchtime. That was fun.


Mitch said…

Blueberries *rock*!!


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