I had to do the first round of tilling after work on Monday since we expected a baaaad thunderstorm on Tuesday. Today the high temp was over 20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday and it is expected to remain cooler the rest of the week. It might even freeze over the weekend. Hopefully that won't piss off the peach and pear trees which have started to create baby fruits. I think the apple tree has just about finished blooming so I don't need to worry about the blossoms getting frosted off the tree. In any event, I won't be planting much of anything this weekend.

Weekend Plan:
Not mucking around in the garden isn't such a bad thing. I was going to paint the living room and bathroom anyway. Tomorrow night I'll sand down the rough spots, fix the multitude of dents in the wall behind the TV (I have no idea what the previous owners had against that section of wall) and get the various nail holes/dents spackled. Friday morning I'll put up probably two coats of Killz and in the afternoon get the base coat done. The tricky bit will be to move the secretary. I'll have to move a lot of the china out of it to prevent damage, then I think I can slide it on the carpet, esp if I use old magazines as sliders.

Getting Fitter
The women at work are raving about my losing weight. Dr. G asked if I was on a diet. I said I was not on a diet, but had decided to change my eating habits and avoid high fat meals and fast food. He seemed to think that was a good idea. Of course, I'm also exercising a bit. I haven't told anybody that I'm doing the marathon again this year. I need to get cracking on the walk/run mileage, instead of just doing weights and cycling. It's not that those things are bad, but they aren't going to be as beneficial to cutting my running time as actually running.

I'm able to stay motivated to keep on track. Mostly I've decided that I'm just going to do it and quit making excuses. I'm also able to start seeing changes. I can see the muscles starting to show under the fat on my legs. I'll have to up the intensity on the strength training and see if I can get the upper body muscles to pop more too. Soon it will be tank top season and I want to have killer biceps and shoulders before July.

Speaking of Rain....
So, last night it rained. I didn't get the windows in the house closed before the rain started. This wasn't such a bad thing, except that IT WAS RAINING SIDEWAYS.


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