I just saw the greatest back and forth rivalry/practical joke. I'm watching "Deadliest Catch--Best of Season Two". The Northwestern came across one of the Cornelia Marie's crab pots. So they hauled it on board, pinned a pair of the captain's underwear to it and welded it closed. Mind you, this pot was *FULL* of crab and they left all of the crab in it, then put it back into the water.

So the Cornelia Marie comes across her crab pot and they discover that the pot has been spot welded shut. Then they find the underwear. The captain immediately begins to suspect his counterpart on the Northwestern. And begins to plot his realiation. They find a Northwestern crab pot. They run the cable on it through a section of pipe so the NOrthwestern can't haul it through their winch and will have to improvise another way to get the pot on board. Once the pot is on board they discover that the Cornelia Marie crew has put a week's worth of garbage bags into it. Sig, the captain of the Northwestern, gave the Captain of the Cornelia Marie a score of 9 for ingenuity and deviousness.

These guys are going to end up being the sort of best friends that Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau were in Grumpy Old Men. These two captains have been rivals and friends for 25 years and this sort of practical joking is tradition for them. The captain of the Cornelia Marie was pretty proud of earning a 9.

Quote of the Day
From Alfred Molina who is in the new movie The Hoax: In an interview on NPR, he described the role he plays in the movie as "being in the passenger seat, desperately trying to see if we can stop somewhere so I can pee."

Can you tell I did a lot of laughing today? Right now (at 8pm), I'm about to start cutting in the edges of my living room. I've got the furniture moved (except for the TV) and the walls sanded down. Still need to fill the dents in the wall behind the TV.


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