Customer Service?

I am beginning to think the local newspaper is run by a bunch of idiots. I called the circulation desk today to inform them that I had not received a paper this morning. The person who answered the phone first couldn't find my account. When she did finally find it (after over 5 minutes and eventually I had to go find a bill), she informed me that I never paid any of my bills so the account was cancelled. Excuse me?!?!? The bill comes in the mail (usually after the due date). I pay it within the week and put the pre-addressed envelope in the mail. Wouldn't you think that if the company had not received any payment that they might have sent a past-due notice? None of the invoices I received indicated any delinquent payments. I guess I was supposed to magically know that there was some issue with the payment system. Now I get to pay for copies of checks and then fax them to the company to prove that I have, in fact, paid them $30 over the past three months.

This is the same newspaper which took almost two MONTHS to get paper delivery started. Now apparently they are capable of cashing a check, but not crediting my account. Given that the paper is about 90% wire feeds, I'm highly inclined to not bother trying to sort things out. I certainly won't bother renewing my subscription. To be honest, I'm not entirely convinced that they'd be able to figure out how to do that anyway.

Update from Sunday: Guess what was on my driveway this morning? Yep. The paper. If I continue to get papers this week, I will contact the circulation office to ask them to make up their mind and, if they decide to continue delivering my paper, to credit my account for the three papers in the past two weeks that never arrived. If there is even one more problem with this I'm cancelling the subscription, though I expect it will take weeks for them to figure that out and quit delivering.

Painting Progress
The living room is painted, as is the bathroom. I even got the furniture all put back where it belongs. Because the previous owners failed to tape off the ceiling or the trim when they painted the living room its baby-poop green/brown color, there is icky paint on the edge of the ceiling and on the baseboards. I masked carefully when I painted. There are some green edge spots along the top of the north wall as well as along the top of the baseboards. I can ignore the baseboards since they are mostly obscured by furniture anyway. I will do my best to ignore the green bits at the top of the wall. We'll see how long it is before I get the ladder out, move the furniture *again*, find a small paint brush and fix it. I'll post pictures eventually.

Anyway, it's all done, but I am exceptionallly cranky and fussy at the moment. I hope my attitude improves tomorrow. Perhaps I'll be back to normal on Monday.

An Observation
I have discovered why the women here look older than their counterparts in other places I have lived. First, I don't think anybody uses sunscreen and many folks still worship the sun. Second, many women go tanning. Not just a little bit either. These folks are working on Wayne Newton and George Hamilton tans. I guess they think that age spots and crepey skin on their faces, chests and arms is attractive. Icky. I'll stick with wearing sunscreen daily on exposed skin, thank you.

I just found out today that there is a marathon being held here in Jackson NEXT WEEKEND. I might have considered entering it if I'd seen it advertised anywhere. It's not even been in the stupid newspaper until I happened to catch a notice about the race organizer getting an award for something or other. Even that didn't mention when the race was going to be. I had to Google it. Needless to say I won't be in that race. I'd be even less prepared for this race than I was for the 2004 Chicago Marathon. Sigh.


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