Definitely Going Vegan

Now that the contaminated wheat gluten and rice protein from China has gotten into the human food supply via pig feed, it seems like a good excuse to just give up all animal products. First, it would result in improved health. Second, I don't eat meat/poultry/fish more than once every couple of weeks to months anyway and rarely eat eggs or butter either. Third, what contaminants there are in the human food supply tend to bioaccumulate and are typically found in highest concentrations in animal since animals are at the top of the food chain.

The benefits: reduced risk of cancers and heart disease, increased vitamin and mineral intake, and probably some weight loss, though walking/running/cycling/lifting weights is contributing to the weight loss too. I always feel a whole lot better on a vegetarian diet, so I imagine I'll feel better on a vegan diet too.

Eating at a restaurant is about to get "interesting" though as will eating catered lunches at work. I will have to start carrying my own snacks more reliably. I nearly always have a Lemon Zest Luna Bar in my bag somewhere. I'll get to practice dealing with the catered lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. I should build up my portable snack stash on my next run to the grocery store....

Speaking of food, other than needing some fresh veggies (lettuce, onions and maybe peppers) and the aforementioned snacks, I don't need to go to the grocery store tomorrow. I have a pot of soup made (mixed bean-barley) and some quinoa with beans and corn. The sourdough starter has been freshly fed, so I can get bread started first thing in the morning.

Outdoor Weekend
I need to get my hedge planted. I have been waiting for it to plant itself, but all the pots are still just sitting next to my deck. So much for the help of the lawn pixies. I did get quite a bit of the front flower bed dug up this evening however. I need about 200 pounds of compost dumped into it but I don't think I'll do that this weekend.


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