Miscellaneous Annoyances

It's been a rather aggravating week. Nothing major, just little things stacking up to drive me batty. I am almost completely out of sorts and feeling quite snappish, which I dislike.

First, driving 5-7 miles over the speedlimit means I get tailgated all the way to work and/or passed in a no passing zone. Occasionally with a rude gesture. There must be some bonus for collecting speeding tickets.

Second, the freezing weather last weekend has killed the baby pear fruit on my pear tree. (It appears that the peaches might survive.) The weather also killed off the cannas I planted the weekend before. I don't know if they'll make it or not.

Third, the local rabbit population is making a point of lopping off a couple of inches off my maple seedling every week. At first it was a whip almost 2 1/2 feet tall. Now it's about 8 inches. I don't think it's going to make it now and I think it's too late to move it indoors. This is a tree that I brought with me from my front yard in Illinois. Pout.

Fourth, my windmill has completely self-destructed. Today three bolts fell out of the legs and the whole thing collapsed, bending three blades in the windmill part and snapping one of the welds securing the vane/tail bracket to the top of the windmill assembly. I suspect that I will end up disassembling the whole thing since it's clear that the windmill can't actually handle the wind. If I lived in an urban/suburban area or had a sheltered spot to put it, maybe it would work. Even put right next to the shed it still gets too much wind, vibrates just right and shakes itself apart. I can't seem to be able to find a solution that will allow me to keep the windmill up, short of tightening all the bolts every 2-3 days, which would be impractical even if I could reach all the bolts without a stepladder.

Fifth, I hate being thought of solely as a glorified computer help person at work. I really can do more than "computer stuff" although that was how I was introduced to a new employee this week. Yes, I can do a lot with a computer, but I was not hired to help people find their files or edit spreadsheets. I can also be of assistance in investigations and also answer infectious disease questions. If I had to guess, I'd say I've had more epi and infectious disease training than half of my co-workers put together, (that's not an entirely fair statement given that I've also spent a whole lot more time in school). In any event, I'd like to use that training before I forget more things. I may have to say I'm bored again within the next week or two and we all know that *that* will lead to a major public health disaster of some sort, followed by "death threat" from coworkers. :o)

Sixth, that whole annoying newspaper thing is still bugging me. I guess I'm supposed to magically know that there is a problem because it's against their policy/practice to actually communicate problems to their subscribers. I'm really not impressed.

Seventh, it's been too cold or too windy to work outside. I spent the whole weekend indoors (all three days of it) and it's driving me nuts.

That's it for now. I had a few things to rant about, but I won't rant right now. I'd like to keep some semblance of a state of calm....


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