A Digging Fool!

Well, I still haven't gotten the whole front bed finished. I ran out of energy. I quit digging when I got to the end of the front porch and then I started tilling things up. I added about 240 pounds of composted cow manure to the bed, then tilled it up again. I put in the various plants I've either purchased or divided from existing plants (where the iris and the larger coreopsis came from). I have also planted a lot of coreopsis seed that I brought with me from Urbana.

In addition to putting in all the plants, I also planted about 2 gallons of some sort of bulbs which I dug up during the great excavation. I think they might be gladiolus, but I'm not sure. I planted them in a line behind the irises and also between the iris clumps. We'll just have to see what happens.

I did not get any of the holly hedge planted. I was good about watering them though. I also put the raspberry bush I bought last week in the shade next to the deck. I think I'll plant it next to the garden shed by the Urbana raspberries that survived the move.

The veggie garden got a second tilling today. I have not added any organic matter to that area. I am debating having Lowe's deliver me a pallet of composted cow manure. I need to decide something soon since it's time to plant. I have at least decided on what is going in the garden: six tomato plants, two cherry tomato plants, four eggplant, 3-4 cucumber, 3-4 zucchini/summer squash, lettuces, radishes, peas, onions, potatoes, garlic, basil, mint, thyme and oregano with sunflowers, marigolds and nasturtiums for a border. The plants I'll get from WalMart since they have the best prices and the same quality as everybody else. The seed seems to be cheapest at Home Depot. If the weather cooperates, I'll plant the garden next weekend.

Elsewhere in my life....
I baked bread today. Two loaves of whole wheat sourdough. I should have let it cool a bit more, but I had a couple of pieces when the loaves were just 10-15 minutes out of the oven. It tastes really good plain and with hummus. Tomorrow at breakfast I'll try it toasted with peanut butter or jam.

I am consistently getting in daily physical activity, though I'm not consistently running/walking, but this is progress in the right direction. I need to print out a training plan and put it on the wall. I have several saved to my various computers.

At work, I will spend three days this week at meetings. Two days on the Strategic National Stockpile deployment and one day is a presentation for County Fair Animal Exhibits and Petting Zoos. I might be able to get my UV light manuscript finished while at the meetings. I'm hoping I'll be able to make a vegan lunch option out of whatever they provide, but I will have fruit and Luna bars in my bag, just in case.


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