NPR has a sense of humor

One of today's stories was sponsored by the Soylent Corporation, which makes protein supplements. They were advertising the new addition to their product line: Soylent Green.

For those of you who don't get the reference, Soylent Green was a movie from the 1970s, starring Charlton Heston. Soylent Green was one of three food products that were the only food source in a future overcrowded and environmentally damaged society. In the end, Mr. Heston's character discovered that Soylent Green was made from people.

Yes, the ad was a hoax. Happy April Fool's Day!!

Stave Puzzles is a purveyor of sadistically difficult jigsaw puzzles. These are high quality puzzles produced on wood pieces with a cherry back and are all cut freehand on a jigsaw. Each puzzle has a special piece which is signed and dated by the person who cut it out. The price range starts at a couple hundred dollars and exceeds $20,000 at the high end. There are all sorts of trick pieces, including false edge pieces, and special pieces, called silhouettes, whose shapes reflect some feature of the puzzle subject.

Prepare for Destruction!
My tiller is now fully functional. It took the repair guy about 40 minutes to clean the carb and fuel line out. He also changed the air filter and filled the tires. It started up instantly after the carb got cleaned and he let it run for about 5 minutes to get the last of the goo burned out. It still needs a bit of choke to run smoothly, but that should go away with a tank or two of fuel through it. I had every intention of tearing up the back yard and re-grading the drainage ditch on the south side of my property, but it started to rain about an hour after he left and rained most of the afternoon. The good news is that the rain softened the ground up. The bad news is that the mostly clay soil might now be too wet to work with.


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