Writing is....

I don't know what I expected. I spent a good part of yesterday writing and thinking up story line details. It wasn't quite as difficult as I thought it might be. There was quite a bit of resistance from the lazy part of my brain to avoid the work, but I made myself sit down and do it. Of course, once I got started it was easier to keep going. Now I'll have to work on having some brain left at the end of the work day so I still have some brain left to write. I do have some serious catching up to do. In order to finish a 50,000 word novel by the end of November, I need to write an average of just over 1600 words per day. I'm not quite to 500 words total. Oops.

I wish there was a way to write while I drive. Heck, I wish there was a way to get the movie in my head to write itself in the computer. Alas, that is just another sci-fi novel waiting to happen.

Monday Blahs
Well, my non-stressed attitude about the missing work laptop started to fade over the weekend. Of course, the laptop is still missing. I got called into the director's office today and was half expecting to hear about the laptop. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that was not the case and, instead, was able to answer various general questions about infectious disease transmission. I still had a vague sense of dis-ease and stress. I did get good news from the privacy officer though it didn't really help relieve the stress.

Then I managed to incompletely read an e-mail inquiry so answered a question which wasn't even asked about a disease the patient in question didn't even have. I would be really interested to know how e-mail messages can "hide" complete sentences when you read them the first time and reply, but then reveal the missing sentences later when you re-read them. *sigh*

At lunchtime, I thought I had a container of homemade chili that I had pulled from the freezer last night. After I thawed it and re-heated it at work, I found that what I really had was a batch of plain adzuki beans. Not exactly appetizing for a meal. I ended up heating a can of soup instead. I'll actually make some chili or something with the adzuki beans later this week. And endeavor to label the stuff hiding in the freezer so I don't do this to myself again next time.

I did get quite a bit of work done today, but it seems like I should have gotten a lot more done and I felt unfocused for the greater part of the day. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

Three Beautiful Things
And now, to end the day on a positive note, here are my Three Beautiful Things for the day:
1. Seeing the golden early morning light accentuate the reds, golds and browns of the autumn leaves.
2. Waking up before the alarm clock and having an extra ten minutes to laze about under a pile of snuggly warm blankets, but still be wide awake and ready to go when the alarm does go off.
3. Sipping a cup of hot tea from a mug my sister gave me, with a poem about sisters on it.


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