Caffeine is Evil!

I have *got* to get a handle on my weekday caffeine intake. I don't keep regular coffee in the house, so on weekends my only caffeine intake is through diet Pepsi. In the past couple of weeks, my soda intake on weekends hasn't kept up with the caffeine intake during the week, so I have get a headache that starts on Saturday afternoon and ends about 9am on Monday morning. Needless to say that isn't very much fun. This week I'll work at cutting back the coffee at work to a single cup of the real stuff and maybe 1-2 more cups of decaf. Maybe by next weekend I won't have a headache from caffeine withdrawal.

Tuesday Holiday
I don't have to work on Tuesday. I haven't decided yet what I'll do with myself. I wonder if the gym will be open. I'd like to get up and workout as usual, then head over to the bookstore or library. I might do a bit of clothes shopping too. I could use some more plain tees. I've got a couple letters to write as well, plus that 15,000 words I'm still behind on my book. *sigh* Here's hoping my subconscious comes up with some serious plot action while I sleep....


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