Well, *that* was anticlimactic

I had my bodyfat measured again today. The Fat Busters "competition" ended today. I weighed 1/2 pound less than I started and lost 0.5% body fat, which I'm pretty sure is well within the margin of error in the measuring device. *sigh*

I don't know exactly what I thought the result would have been, but it might have been nice to lose a couple pounds of bodyfat and a correspondingly larger percentage. At the current rate of bodyfat reduction, it's going to take me almost five years to shed 20 pounds of fat. Now I really want to eat cookie dough for dinner. :-(

Well, at least I didn't *gain* any bodyfat.

And let's not talk about that former stash of Mary Janes. I'm sure that didn't have *anything* to do with my progress or lack thereof.


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