Well, now what?

Apparently my co-worker didn't care that the motorcycle wasn't running! He'd already made up his mind that he was gonna buy it. He wants to have a project bike to fix up and get running. This particular model is rather favored at the moment for restoring. He indicated he wasn't going to restore it, per se, but would get it running and enjoy fixing it up. He worked in a motorcycle shop as a younger person and was looking forward to getting his hands dirty again. I'm pleased that the bike is going to a good home and I'm very pleased that it's ok it wasn't running today. I was worried last night that the deal might have been off with the lack of battery power. I'll use my newly made cash to buy tires for my car. It's about due for a new set of feet.

Wow. I really hadn't expected that. It took me a while to figure out what to do next.

Since the departed bike made for a big open spot in the garage, I took the liberty of cleaning up a few other things. I cleaned up my shovels and rakes--scrubbing the business ends with oily sand to remove the rust and then sanding the wooden handles and wiping them with liquid wax. I put away my cleaned hand tools in the cleaned up toolboxes, removed the bicycle tools to a separate box and collected the myriad miscellaneous screws, nuts, nails and hooks into a small tin. Finally I swept out the garage and closed the door.

The garage is also the home to about eight miscellaneous boxes of stuff I never quite unpacked. I think it is mostly kitchen stuff and if I haven't used it in the past two years, it's a safe bet I could probably do away with it and not miss it much. I decided last week that I wanted to switch out my current set of plates (Pfaltzgraff Midnight Sun) and start using my Grandma's old plates (Franciscan Apple). I just sent an e-mail to a local charity that I believe distributes gently used household items to needy families, asking if they could use a set of dishes and flatware with four place settings. I might have most of a set of glasses as well. That ought to clear up some more room and do some people some good as a bonus. w00t!


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