Going Full-Fledged Pariah

I'm already halfway to being a pariah at work. For a start, I'm not a local, am not married, have no kids, and I don't gossip/bitch about people as a source of entertainment. After the umpteenth time where the "team" with arranges a group lunch without bothering to invite me and I realize that I frankly don't enjoy sitting and listening to the bitching/gossiping that goes on at lunch anyway, I've decided that I'm going to start eating my lunch with other colleagues in the building who do apparently like me and do talk to me and don't gossip/bitch about everybody they know. I have no doubt this will launch me into the category of full-fledged pariah and possibly no longer a team player. Frankly, if I have to compromise my ethics and participate in gossip in order to be part of the "team", I'd rather not join the team.

So, I figure I'll just be considered a bit more of a pariah. I strongly suspect that the mental benefits from actually interacting socially with co-workers will greatly outweigh the downsides of pariahood. Besides, it's not like I don't end up working with the executives on a regular basis anyway. I look at this as merely strengthening those collaborative links and learning from colleagues. The social aspects are just an added bonus.

Bonus points to Twitchh for asking why I don't just "go for full pariah" and helping me realize that I need to quit stressing out about the mean people.

And for those people who want to know why I don't just invite myself along since I'm really part of the team--the last time I did that, two co-workers ranted the entire time about how rude it is that *some* people just keep inviting themselves along when nobody wants them around and that they ought to hurry up and get the hint that nobody wants to be around them. I may be dumb as a box of rocks about a lot of things, but that seemed pretty obvious to me. I have also tried to ask co-workers to join me out for lunch. On two separate occasions, I was informed by half of the people that they brought their lunches and were going to eat at the office. A short while later, those very people left with the half who were going to eat out and everybody except me had a group lunch out. So that seemed pretty obvious too. I know people who DO like to spend time with me and I'm going to have lunch with them instead. Frankly, they're a lot more fun anyway.

(As an aside, I am keeping my fingers crossed for one of my co-workers whose offspring may end up having surgery this evening. Here's hoping the kidlet does ok, whatever does transpire.)

Meteor Showers
Both the Taurid and Leonid meteor showers are this week. I happened to catch a glimpse of a meteor just as I pulled into my driveway this evening. I fixed a quick dinner and then headed outside to watch for more of them. I lasted about half an hour before my ears got too cold. Didn't see a thing. Both of these meteor showers actually peaked a few days to a couple weeks ago. Neither of them is as productive as a good Geminid shower either, but it's fun to watch stuff fall into the atmosphere and burn up. Sometimes the rocks break up in chunks or produce cool colors. I caught a bright meteor during the last Geminid Shower that was lime green and shot across the whole sky. Perhaps I'll try again tomorrow with extra warm clothing and a hat.

Weekend Plan
Yes, I know it's dorky to post what I'm doing to the internet. Too darned bad. Go read something else if you don't like my dorkiness. This is my blog and I'll be dorky if I wanna be.

So, I'm starting the weekend out with a long workout at the gym, followed by some serious writing time at my favorite wi-fi hotspot. After a day of writing, I'll finish up the day by doing my weekly housekeeping. Heck, I might actually get the vacuuming done this evening and possibly even start the laundry. How's that for living on the edge?!

Sunday I might do some baking and I'll work on clearing out more cruft. I still haven't decided if I want to go out for breakfast or if I want to save my lunch money for something else. (I think I'm going to buy myself a ball winder for yarn, but I also could use a new pair of running shoes.) I'll probably do a full weight workout at home. Last on the list will be cutting backups of my computers and catching up on some reading.


Stefaneener said…
Did you buy the winder? You can eat up a lot of minutes with one of those!

"Full pariah" sounds pretty funny, like full Monty. . .

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