Misbehaving Motorcycle

Well, I had intended to sell my beat up old Yamaha XS-650 tomorrow. A guy from work is interested in it. I picked up a new battery for the bike and that's about the time things started to go downhill....

I have the correct battery for the bike, but the poles on the new battery are reversed from the old battery. Of course, this means that the positive battery cable is now far too short to actually reach the proper terminal. Grrrrrr.

In the past two years, while the bike has been stored in my garage, the brake fluid in the upper reservoir has oozed out and evaporated, leaving lovely crystals all over. The brake fluid, being somewhat caustic, has also eaten the starter button (and probably the switch), so that the starter button fell off when I lightly bumped it.


So, now I have a motorcycle which won't start and has no brakes. Granted, I told my co-worker that the bike needed some serious work and that if I were buying it, I'd take it straight to a good shop for a tune-up, but I suspect he's mostly interested in buying a *running* motorcycle, not a long-term project. Hopefully he'll call tomorrow morning before driving over and maybe I can save him a wasted trip. If he decides against buying the bike, I'll have to decide if I want to put it up on eBay for someone who wants to restore an old XS-650 or if I want to just donate it to the local PBS station.

Cookie Express!
The first box of SCinet cookies ships out tomorrow morning, shortly after the post office opens at 7:30. The second box will go out on Monday. I really wanted the second box to ship tomorrow too, but it just won't happen mostly because I won't have enough cookies baked to fill a second box yet. I'll finish up the baking tomorrow and Sunday. I'll probably bake the third box of cookies on Tuesday since that's a holiday. With any luck the first box o' cookies will arrive in Austin on Monday and be devoured by the end of Tuesday.

Writing Progress....Not
Well, it was a good idea, but I really haven't had the time this week to write on a daily basis, much less write 1500 words a day. I'm nearly 15,000 words behind schedule now. I don' t know how many words I'll be able to write this weekend, but I suspect it won't be nearly 15,000 words. I'm not sure I even have that much story hiding in my head right now, actually. Come on creative neuron! I need you to suddenly become hyperactive!

Must. Unclutter.
The mountain of GoodWill stuff is driving me crazy this week. I've caught bits and pieces of What Not To Wear and Clean House in the past few weeks while channel surfing on the phone. I'm slowly getting closer and closer to just dumping a whole bunch of stuff and creating a lot more space. I used to not want to get rid of stuff unless I could find another home for it, but I'm starting to see that may not be terribly practical or effective as a strategy. I will try to FreeCycle the dozens of three ring binders I have, but other than that, I think a lot of stuff just needs to go away and I need to stop worrying about "wasting" things.


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