I Nearly Asked for a Do-Over This Morning....

The overall "score" for the day was a very positive one, though there were a few hiccups along the way. It started out well with the comment on yesterday's post from my buddy kwt. *squee!* Then I discovered that the belt I bought on Monday evening is almost too big for my waist. It's always good to discover that you are a size smaller than you think you are. This belt will, however, still fit lower on my hips when I get to wear my 501s, so it's still quite useful.

The hiccup in the morning was when I somehow flipped my coffee-filled travel mug off the roof of the car and onto the garage floor. Fortunately, it was the stainless steel mug (so it didn't break) and when the top popped off of it, the mouth of the mug was pointed away from me (so it didn't splash all over me). Also fortunately, the car door was mostly closed so that the mug neither hit the car nor splashed coffee into the interior of the car. Lastly, it was cold enough today that the garage didn't smell like curdled coffee with milk when I got home from work. Of course, this mess happened just as I really needed to be leaving for work, so I ended up being a bit late and didn't do a very thorough cleaning job before I had to leave. Surprisingly, given that it was also raining, there weren't any local car accidents despite there being plenty of drivers driving as though the road was completely dry. Apparently by noon there had been a LOT of accidents, however, and co-workers who went out for lunch said it was a nightmare trying to drive.

In the afternoon I was asked if I wanted to write a paper about a recent disease investigation I helped with. *squee!* That query came out of the blue and was quite a nice surprise. The afternoon hiccup was merely that I kept yawning while trying to work and developed complete temporary amnesia with regard to where the letters on the keyboard are when touch typing. At least I think it was that my brain didn't remember. I'm pretty sure my fingers were not trying to sabotage the data entry procedure. The end of the day seemed to drag out forever too. A co-worker commented that she thought the day seemed so long because of the weather. I replied that I thought the day seemed so long because the clock had stopped. I didn't think it was that funny but she thought it was hilarious.

Several months ago I would have gotten all kinds of angry about the coffee cup incident and held onto that anger at least until I arrived at the office if not throughout the day. Today, my first reaction, besides jumping backwards to avoid any splashing, was to be glad that the coffee didn't get inside the car and then to be sad that I'd just wasted a large quantity of freshly brewed coffee without even getting sip of it. I wasn't mad about it. I wasn't even mad about it making me a few minutes late for work. I wasn't particularly happy about being late, but it was just a few minutes and I can count the number of times I've been late for work at this job on one hand. I was reasonably certain this wasn't going to be a firing offense. In any event, the coffee incident and the lateness didn't carry over into the rest of the day. I didn't beat myself up about either incident at all, just kept going and let the moments pass by. Even better? I didn't even have to think consciously about doing that. It just happened. *SQUEE!*

Cookie Shipping
I have heard rumors that cookies have arrived at SC in Austin. Supposedly by the middle of the day the show floors will be turned over to the crew from The Freeman Company to start getting the exhibit floor set up. With any luck that went off without a hitch. Here's hoping the stress level for all involved starts to taper off now.


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