Is it bad when...

your knee clicks whenever you do squats or lunges? At least it doesn't click when I walk. Yet. It used to do that before I had the cartilage repaired. Of course, my ankles click when I walk, but I did break one of them a long time ago.

The good news is that the knee doesn't hurt when I do squats or lunges and it's not getting stuck or otherwise exhibiting abnormal behavior. I'll keep up with the walking, cycling and weight routine within reason until the knee doth protest. The right elbow, on the other hand, is getting painful, but only when under torque as when lifting a bottle of water with the elbow out. I guess that's my inspiration to use good manners and not stick out my elbow.

What I like best about October:
Several things, actually. Colorful leaves. Bright, sunny days with crisp air. The smell of burning leaves and wood fires. Scary movies on most of the cable TV channels, including TCM and AMC. While I still think the book is scarier than the movie, The Shining is awfully hard to pass up. I don't generally watch it all the way through because my attention wanders and Jack Nicholson's character is too disturbing in large quantities. Along with creepy movies, I also get the urge this time of the year to read creepy books. I try to re-read The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury each year the week before Halloween. I also like to re-read my favorite Edgar Allen Poe stories: The Sphinx, The Tell-Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado, to list a few. Perhaps I'll finish with some other macabre tales that I like such as An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Gilman Perkins. By the end of the month I'll be leaving the light on at night to keep the monsters at bay. :o)

Poe-related infectious disease trivia: The man died of rabies. What a horrible way to go.

In other news:
I finished the first pattern repeat in my cashmere lace shawl. My John Deere Owner's Hat came in the mail today. The big crane at the hospital apparently was taken apart yesterday and carted away. It was gone today when I got to work. It didn't even say goodbye.

The test results on the gastroenteritis outbreak came back positive for Norwalk virus as we suspected it would. The lab was absolutely tickled they got to run the tests, since it's a new test for them. I also read a study published several years ago that says >74% of hospital employees say they themselves wash their hands properly all the time but they claim only 50% of their co-workers do. The researchers then placed hidden observers in the hospitals and actually observed that closer to 30% of employees (nurses, doctors, technicians, etc) actually washed their hands. This helps explain the rate of hospital-acquired infections in this country. I only wish more members of the public would get pissed off about it and would demand to see hospital infection rates. That's the only thing that is going to ever make it change. Certainly the death rate from hospital-acquired infections doesn't appear to be doing anything to bring about change.


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