Happy Mol Day!

Happy Mol Day everybody! Celebrate with 6.02x10^23 of whatever you like. I'm going to have a Mike's Hard Lemonade and hope that there are enough molecules of beverage in there to qualify. I could do the math to find out, but I don't feel like it. So *there*.

In honor of Mol Day, well, not really, it was entirely coincidental, I had a wonderful blog/website idea. Idea: To publish periodic short articles about basic science in the every day. I guess it's a non-engineering version of what Engineer Guy does. Of course, a quick Google search has revealed that Bayer supposedly has the same evil plan that I do, though their site is presently down. Fortunately I have other evil plans with which to take over the world.

Other Mole News

The backyard moles I attempted to irritate over the weekend by excavating their tunnels decided to make more tunnels. I feel I should almost thank them since they are doing a fine job of fluffing up the soil in the area which will become my veggie garden next spring. As long as they do NOT uproot my plants, we should get along just fine. Moles, I have learned, are not vegetarian, but instead eat worms and grubs. Garden damage is mostly accidental when their tunneling uproots stuff.

Happy Birthday iPod!

Five years ago today, Apple introduced the iPod to the universe. And the universe hasn't been the same since. Simplicity and elegance all in a nice, neat, functional and easy-to-use package.

No Poo Monday:
To my knowledge, no additional cases of gastroenteritis appeared in the ED or among the hospital staff where the outbreak occurred last week. Yay! I think the lab was going to run the test today on last week's samples. There should be results by Wednesday.

SCinet Staging Update:
Is it bad when the shipping company misplaces half the shipment? Surely you can just whip up some sort of fiber-optic cable substitute using gum wrappers, a Walkman (or iPod), a Swiss Army knife and pocket lint. I'm pretty sure I saw the MacGuyver episode where they did just that. :o)

Remember, Mitch, it's only Day 1 of staging. There's still plenty of time for everything to crash and burn yet. (I'm kidding. You know how this works: the real disasters will wait until set-up in November.)

Driving Excitement:

Nothing like having a full-sized Suburban come around a curve IN YOUR LANE and not slow down. Or move back over onto their own side of the road. Fortunately, I was able to stop before either hitting the mailboxes by the side of the road or running off the road.
The absence of a front license plate here means I have no hope of IDing the vehicles coming toward me or driving up the backside of my car. News flash for local drivers: STAY ON YOUR OWN SIDE OF THE ROAD IN CURVES. Just because the NASCAR drivers corner tightly, doesn't mean that you should. Remember, in NASCAR there is no oncoming traffic.

At this point, I'm pretty much resigning myself to having my car totalled in a hit-and-run accident by some idiot who can't keep it on their side of the line or otherwise follo
w the rules of the road. Too many idiot drivers for me to avoid forever. It is causing me to seriously re-consider staying here more than a few years.

Frosty Fall
We had frost last night. Temp was about 38 when I headed to work this morning. Frost expected tonight too. I had the heat off over the weekend, but turned it on last night. The leaves do not appear to be turning colors as rapidly here as I remember them changing in Illinois. I'm definitely going to get good use of my sweater collection. I had been worried about that, but not any more.

Fall Leaf Color Pic of the Week:


Mitch said…
Nice Fall Picture!

And very nice Mol Day info -- Cool stuff!

Sorry to hear about the idiot drivers there, but glad to hear you have different (and better!) plans for taking over the world! :-)

Off to another day of Stormin' the Castle now -- Time for Day Two of Staging. Hopefully the rest of our equipment will show up today. :-)

In the meantime, plenty of patch panel assignment, inventory, and "Special Runs" fiber stuff to figure out today. :-)

Good luck with the Moles and the Poo today!

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