Quotes for the Week:

"Lawrence, I know you and I never saw eye to eye, and I know that I was...oh hell, I was selfish and self-centered and confused and difficult and a whole lot of other things when I was younger, and if I were you, I'm not sure I would have liked me either."

"I entertain the possibility--and not for the first time--that maybe, just maybe, I really have been an unbearable cow for most of my adult life."

"To be sure, I'm not perfect wife material: I'm neurotic. I'm compulsive. I speak before I think and can't cook worth a damn. I'm messy and germaphobic all at once, and it's not entirely unheard of for me to get hold of the wrong end of the stick and then hang there like a pit bull."
--Flying Changes, by Sara Gruen

Needless to say, the protagonist, Annemarie, is just a wee bit neurotic and does a phenomenal job of getting in her own way. There's also a teenaged daughter who seems to spend most of her time in a world-class snit of one sort or another, plus an overbearing Austrian mother. Add in a riding stable and the horse show world, a boyfriend, and various animals and it's really quite an entertaining book. My only complaint is that there are only two books with these characters so far.

Next on the reading list: Neal Stephenson's new book, Anathem. It'll take me a little bit longer than two night to read though. It's nearly 1000 pages, hardbound. While I was at the library, I also picked up Comfort by Ann Hood, No Sheep for You by Amy Singer, and Knitting America by Susan Strawn. The library now has a copy of the new Mason-Dixon Knitting book too, but I didn't check it out.

I did not get to the gym this morning. I was a complete slug. I suspect my slugness was due to a combination of staying up tooooooo late reading two nights in a row and a continuing tendency to not eat enough. I started logging what I eat on random days. I'm taking in around 1000 calories. It really ought to be 1500-1800. I just don't feel like eating much. I eat plenty at lunchtime, but I don't eat much in the morning, either before or after working out. Dinner is often a PB&J sammich with or without a snack of Cheerios and/or fruit. I may need to work on some more calorically dense snacks and making sure I actually EAT breakfast, even if it means eating it at my desk after I get to work.

Thoughts on the Credit Thing....
Various business persons were being interviewed tonight on the news, saying that it's much harder to get credit now than it was before. As though this is clearly a Bad Thing and should be fixed ASAP. Now, I am not an Economist or any other sort of finance-type person, but wasn't access to easy credit and access to too much credit what got the economy into this problem in the first place? No, you may not be able to live the way you used to live, in terms of consumption and keeping up with the Joneses. No, you may not be able to expand your business as fast as you want to. Yes, you might just have to live within your means and stop carrying ever increasing amounts of debt. Yes, it's not the same as things used to be. Few things ever are. Just how is this a bad thing?


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