Fall Has Arrived!

Well, not officially, but I am closing my pool tomorrow, which rather indicates an end to summer and the leaves are falling off the trees, which rather indicates a beginning to fall. To top it off, I'm making a pot of Moroccan Lentil Stew. Yummy veggie goodness!

I really ought to rip up the rest of the nasty weeds in the garden and till it under. Well, the parts that aren't still churning out tomatoes, that is. I do have some yard work that I ought to do before Hurricane Ike's edges arrive with the wind and the rain. I also desperately need to de-thatch the lawn, but that will require obtaining two cinder blocks. Which I didn't manage to get today while I ran errands. *sigh*

So, I will now go knit and watch a movie while drinking a steaming mug of decaf coffee and thinking hard about the error of my ways....


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