I was quite productive, but not in any of the ways I planned. I did get some of the clothes ironed and put away, but not quite half of them. (I don't know why I hate folding t-shirts, but I do.) I didn't get any of the lawn mowed, but I did weed the entire front flower bed and prune all the overgrown rose bushes, which took about three hours. I didn't get the website updates done, but I did make a big dent made in moving the blog ring (only 250 sites left to notify!). I didn't bake any pies, but I did clean the kitchen. In addition to that, I called my dad to say happy birthday, wrote a letter to Mr. E from New Orleans, laid out my clothes for tomorrow and packed my lunch. Now I just need to haul my silly self off to bed and read for a while. (Book of the moment: Silas Marner)

Tomorrow evening, I really will mow the lawn and I'll actually bake that pie, though I probably won't be able to eat any for dinner since it'll be too hot. Perhaps I'll grill some more mushrooms up for sammiches instead. Yum!


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