It must be Fall....The crickets are back!

I haven't seen the crickets yet this year, but there has been one quietly chirping behind my TV for the past few evenings. This is the first time that one of them has ever chirped! I really like the sound of crickets though, so that's perfectly ok with me. The birds have been emptying the bird feeder almost daily as well. We're definitely leaving the Land of Summer....

Soon it will be bread baking and soup making time again! I will probably close the pool this weekend. It's becoming too much of a nuisance trying to keep the falling leaves out of the water and I'm unlikely to swim again this year. I may just go ahead and make soup this weekend too. I have some garden produce to use up before it goes bad and takes the toaster hostage.

A Plethora of Time
Working extra hours last week has yielded me a rather large amount of comp time. Over a week's worth of comp time. I can't actually take it all at once due to various obligations at work and a desire to not get yet one more week behind with what I'm doing. I have, however, started wondering just how I will spend said time. At first I was thinking that I would just take a half-day off each week until it was used up. Now I'm thinking that I might take off one whole day per week. This time could be used for knitting or catching up on home maintenance work or even writing!!!

I'm starting to get the itchy writing brain again with respect to a particular book project I outlined a year ago. Perhaps I'll use the first full day off to catch up on the fall maintenance stuff and then the subsequent days off for writing. That seems like a good balance to me! I'll have to switch computers between the two desks though. I've decided that the gaming box will become a second string machine. I thought I had fixed the instability issue by clearing up some bad software and removing a couple of Trojan files. Alas, I still get the Blue Screen of Death, which may be indicating the issue is hardware-based. So I'll move the important stuff over to the "new" Mac and move the Mac to the desk by the window so I can type and look outside.


Stefaneener said…
I've been such a commenting slug.

Sounds as though you are just busy busy busy, and still a bad fit for E. TN.

Oh well. We don't really have big lawns, either.

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