A Moral Dilemma

Last night I heard the loud buzzing of a fly, emanating from the base of the floor lamp next to my comfy chair. I leaned over too look and observed a fly caught in a spider web, with the spider ready to pounce. The dilemma? Do I free the fly (and possibly let the spider starve) or do I let nature take its course? (I do, after all, allow spiders <2 cm in diameter live in my house because "they catch bugs".) While I pondered this question, the spider kept leaping in and then leaping off the fly. I wasn't sure if it was hopping off to prevent being injured since the fly was thrashing around quite a bit. After three or four hops, the spider was able to make the kill and then proceeded to feed on the body. I had expected the spider to wrap the fly and save it for later, but apparently it was hungry.

While pondering the eating of a fly, I began to wonder if there are parts of a fly which might be considered delicacies to the spider palate. Do spider kids fight over who gets the legs at family gatherings? Are there parts spiders try to avoid? Perhaps the legs don't have much goodness in them, just hair and crunchy bits. In any event, the entire fly is now gone, as is the spider. I'll clean up the "web" later this evening. It wasn't really a web anyway, more like a modified dust bunny.

Burst of Creativity

For some unknown reason, I've been spewing out all sorts of creative thoughts in the past few days. I've had half a dozen ideas for knitting patterns (plans for swatching and writing are already begun), plus a couple of book/essay ideas. I don't know what has brought this on, but I'm not complaining. It seems as though just about every time I get my brain quiet and floating in a sea of nothingness, some big idea pops into it. Whatever its origin, I'm going to foster this idea popping trend as much as I can.

In Other News....

Two separate people in the past two weeks have suggested that I move to California. Hmmm.... I can't say I disagree with that. I have even found a couple of jobs to which I will apply in the next few days.


Stefaneener said…
Despite the earthquakes and the obscene price of living, I'm happiest in Northern CA. Not central, not southern. .. there are many, many Californias.

But I think you'd be happier here, obviously.

Oh, and you let the spider eat.
Morenna said…
Oddly enough, both of the jobs I was looking at are in the Bay Area. :-)

I agree the spider should definitely win (as a fly continues to pester me this evening).

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