Normal, Average and Inevitable

If the conversations I overhear are any indication, it is now considered normal and expected to have angioplasty around the age of 50. It's considered normal and expected to be put on various medications to control cardiac rhythm, cholesterol and blood pressure. It's normal and expected to have stents and/or bypass surgery by 60. What?! Absolutely nothing is normal about that. What's even more amazing is that nobody is making any attempts to stave off the development of cardiac problems. This process is apparently inevitable, since it's happening to everybody else. They've all resigned themselves to it, when there is a body of research that says that's not true. I guess it's easier to sit back and take a passive role in how your life progresses. Yes, genetics play a role in the development of chronic disease, but the progression of it *is* modifiable.

Mind you, the research isn't as well known because the drug companies can't sell you exercise. They will, however, sell you various medications and supplements which may or may not actually be effective. The "solution" to progression also isn't as simple as a pill. It requires self-discipline and effort and changing behavior. That's usually when the whining and excuses kick in. It's too hard. It's too time consuming. That's fine. Remember that when you go in for your angioplasty and when you can no longer do the things you used to do. Yes, I will eat well, exercise regularly and die anyway. The trick is that I'll probably die later and have a shorter period of disability before death.

I think we need to reconsider what is normal and inevitable. Just because everybody else does it doesn't make it normal, acceptable or inevitable. It's the same old argument you had with your parents when you were growing up. Just because all your friends are doing it doesn't mean you should do it. Would you jump off a bridge if all of them did?


Stefaneener said…
Well, apparently yes, they would.

Reminds me to take a brisk walk to the farmer's market today for more veggies.

I'm going to get that salad made today. Yum.

You're in a particularly noxious area of the country, really. Although there are many unhealthy people here, there are also a huge amount of health nuts. Just look at the regional statistics.

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