Snake! It's a Snake!!

The yard snake is back in the garden shed again this year. He was shedding his skin when I went in to get the lawn mower this evening. (Ponder all you like the appropriateness of shedding in the shed and the statement "Wanna come over to my shed and watch my snake strip?")

I have no idea what kind of snake this is other than shiny, sleeping and big. I do know it's not a rattlesnake since I can see the plain smooth end tip of its tail sticking out from under a fold of the landscape fabric. Last year, when I described the size of the snakeskin I found, a co-worker thought it might be a "chicken snake", aka a Gray Rat Snake.

Between the neighbor's dogs and the snake, I don't think the yard moles haven't much of a chance this year.


Twitchh said…
Mushroom, mushroom! :o)

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