House is Clean!

Now the trick will be keeping it that way. That should be easier to accomplish now that it's all clean and tidy. All I have to do is resist resting on my laurels and letting things slide. An hour a week ought to take care of that quite nicely.

Home Improvement Projects
When my aunt, uncle and grandma were visiting today, my aunt asked what was next on my home improvement project list. The only thing I could think of was painting the baseboards and trim inside the house. After everybody left, I remembered that I've been meaning to clean and stain the deck for some time. Both of these projects should probably wait until June or July, when it isn't raining every other hour. Certainly the deck cleaning/staining will have to wait until then. Other than that, I haven't got any projects planned for the house itself. Somehow that doesn't seem quite right. Surely there is *something* else that needs to be done that I can do.

Now what?
I find myself in a rather unusual position. By early afternoon on Saturday, I had finished all the work I was going to do all weekend, leaving half of Saturday and all of Sunday with nothing particular to do. I'm completely at a loss for what to do now. At the moment, I'm just hanging out in my favorite chair, mentally reviewing a list of things I could do to see if anything in particular appeals to me. I'll probably end up watching a movie on Hulu and knitting. I could, of course, keep working on the decluttering or move data off the old (non-current computers), but somehow I think I've earned a weekend off from chores, given the recent busyness at work and cleaning accomplishments at home. Time to fix myself a snack and settle in for a nice movie.

On the other hand, this newfound extra time gained by getting ahead of the cleaning/putting away tasks means that I can now start tackling my goals lists--learning programming languagues, writing up knitting patterns, etc. That's definitely a good thing.

April Showers Bring May Flowers


Stefaneener said…
Knit! Can something! Come to California and clean my house. . . actually, mine isn't so bad these days.

Seriously, you can think of a million things to do that you don't do because you "don't have time," right?
Ruby Louise said…
Heck, I've even got a list written out and hanging on the wall of things to do when I have "nothing to do". :-)

I did end up knitting a bit. Right after I caught up on all my blog reading.

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