Busy Busy!

The weather has been quite cooperative for outdoor work this week. Today I was able to get all the grass out from around the rosebushes at the front of the front yard. That took about three hours. Then I took a lunch break before spending another 2-3 hours digging the grass out of the raspberry bushes by the shed and from around the two sweet gum seedlings I planted last year. Now all that's left is the de-grassing of the blackberry bushes.

After a full day kneeling and sitting on the ground, I'm not nearly as stiff and sore as I might have been. Now I really will have to get mulch ordered. The de-grassed and de-weeded areas won't stay that way long without it. Remember how I tilled up the garden just last weekend? There are parts of it that are already pretty heavily infiltrated with grass. Ugh. Perhaps by Monday, the ground will be dry enough that I can hoe out the weeds. Things are still pretty soggy from the rain this past week.

As a "reward" for all the sweaty yard labor, I hopped into the pool. Well, that was technically work too. I got the steps re-assembled, vacuumed the whole pool and got the pool cover all the way off. I floated around for a bit on my floatie, but the water was still just a bit cool to be comfortable. Once I hopped out, I spread the pool cover out over the grass to dry. Tomorrow I'll flip it right side up, scrub it clean, let it dry again and put it away for the summer.

On a less laborious note, I did harvest 8 red raspberries today and the blackberry crop looks like it will be a big one. I'll have to dig up some of the volunteer blackberry canes and relocate them or the current bramble patch will be too dense to harvest well.

I also met some of my neighbors when I was digging things up in the front yard. They had noticed my motorcycle in the garage and asked me if I'd be interested in riding with them and a group of their friends. I said that would be great and the told me I'm welcome any time. I also had to tell them that I'm temporarily grounded due to a seized throttle cable, but that I would definitely join in on a ride once I'm back up and running again. They've got a Gold Wing, their son has a CBR about half the age of mine, and one of their friends has a Harley. They seem like nice folks to get to know.

Tomorrow's Plan
I will need to mow the lawn yet again and I'd like to get at least some of the grass out of the blackberry brambles. If I'm still energetic after all that, I might work on re-shaping the planting area by the deck. I started working on that before the spring rains came, but didn't get it finished yet. I'd like to get it done before the summer heat arrives and the ground becomes hard as a rock.

Last weekend I woke up with a quilt pattern in my head. I would like to get it sketched out and have a go at writing up instructions too. That should be a nice break from all the hard labor. There's the usual odds and ends of housekeeping as well. I forgot some clothes in the dryer earlier this week so there is ironing to do. Not my favorite job, but it needs to be done just the same.

In the meantime, I'm going to put my feet up, have a bowl of strawberry shortcake and knit while I watch Eureka on Hulu.


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