The Bargains We Make with Ourselves....

I need to finish tidying up my house and to finish the decluttering process before next weekend. I really don't feel much like doing this, but if I don't do it today, it won't happen before potential visitors arrive. So I've made a deal with myself. IF I get my housework finished before bedtime, I can buy myself up to $50 of garden plants. (There was a nice selection of Irish moss, mother-of-thyme, marigold, cucumber and zucchini plants at the home improvement store today and I had a heck of a time escaping with just a bottle of organic fungicide for the roses.)

Speaking of Roses....
All the leaves fell off one of the rose bushes last night. Now, it did rain quite hard a couple days ago, but this is a bit excessive, especially for the one bush that's protected by the house and fence. The plants further out (and less protected) look a whole lot better. That's not a good sign. It'll still bloom nicely this summer (based on past summers), but it'll be pretty much nekkid except for the blossoms. *sigh*

Hopefully the fungicide I bought today will help keep the black spot and spider mites from killing the leaves on the rest of the rosebushes. Other than the lack of leaves, the roses are gorgeous. Now I just need it to stop raining for a few days so I can get the spray put on.

Elsewhere in the Garden
It looks to be another excellent year for blackberries. The brambles are once again covered with blossoms. I wasn't sure I'd get heavy production again this year since I actually cut back the brambles like you're supposed to do, but I was wrong and all the gardening books were right. I'll have a freezer full of berries again this summer.

Even the raspberries are setting fruit this year. This is the first season I'll have fruit from them. I brought them with me three years ago as seedlings.

The neighbor's dog pack has dug a few holes in my yard and garden. As much as a nuisance as it can be, they don't do it maliciously or without reason.

They're hunting down the mole population. I wonder if the local chicken snake is still hanging around also stalking the rodents. I've even seen the neighbor's cat snag a mole out of my yard.

The irises bloomed well this year. The daisies started to bloom just after the irises hit their peak, which made for some lovely color contrast.

Random Photos Just Because
Here's Quacky the Porch Duck in his new home

And the golden glow of a new sunrise


Stefaneener said…
HooRAY berries. I have got to get the rasperries up on wires, lest the cranky neighbor cut them for being on her lawn. Ah, the burbs. . .

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