Hooray! Aw poo.

Hooray! It didn't rain again today, so I was able to weed whackitate the lawn today. (I mowed it yesterday.)

Aw poo. I eviscerated a toad with the aforementioned weed whacker. I can only hope it was a quick death with little pain.

Hooray! I was given a new project to work on and was also asked if I'd be interested in moving to work at the central office, should a project grant be awarded.

Aw poo. My apple tree apparently got frost-bitten at/around blossom time, so there will be no apples this year. (There are no baby apples on said tree now and there should be, if there were going to be apples this fall.)

Hooray! I found the bolts to the pool steps in the bottom of the pool vacuum storage bin.

Aw poo. The water is still tool chilly to climb in there and fix the steps. The top of the ladder also fell into the pool, so I'll have to retrieve it before I can assemble everything.

Hooray! The weather will be non-rainy and in the 80s for the next four days so I can get the pool steps re-assembled AND plastic floats, so I can even get the ladder top back where it belongs without too much work.

Aw poo. My new pants really are about 1/2 inch too short, now that I've worn them a couple times.

Hooray! I discovered the joy of the elliptical machine today. I went three miles in 30 minutes, compared to 2.25 miles in 35 minutes on the treadmill. I may never go back to the treadmill.

Aw poo. Thanks to the aforementioned elliptical fun, I may end up getting smaller again, thus necessitating another clothes shopping trip.

Hooray! If I go pants shopping again, I'll be able to get pants which are the appropriate length.

Hooray! There is a fledgling mockingbird in my front yard, flapping his wings and squawking at his/her parent, who is watching from a nearby tree. Parent gets agitated when I go on the porch and junior is in the yard. Baby just hunkers down and watches, instead of squawking and flapping.

Hooray! I love the smell of cooking sweet potatoes. I have a nice recipe for sweet potatoes with kale that is delicious. The sweetness of the potatoes mellows the strong flavor of the kale, plus it's such a beautiful color contrast and healthy too!

Aw poo. There is a plastic container with a serving of sweet potatoes/kale in my refrigerator from at least two weeks ago. It's not exactly green and orange any more. I suspect it smells rather unpleasant too.

Hooray! I ate six red raspberries out of my garden yesterday when I finished mowing the lawn. I'll weed the berries this weekend in preparation for mulching them well.

Hooray! It looks to be a bumper crop of blackberries again this year.

Hooray! Strawberries on oatmeal are yummy!

Aw poo. My sliced strawberries froze into a giant strawberry glacier, instead of being easily separated from each other.

Hooray! Chunks of frozen strawberries work very well in smoothies.

Hooray! The day lilies are blooming. I would not have expected pink and orange blossoms to go so well together, but they do.

Hooray! Not only are the day lilies blooming, they're also attracting hummingbirds.

Hooray! The calla lilies are blooming very well this year. They are a deep fuschia color. I may have to make a bouquet for the house.

Hooray! Quacky says hello.


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