4:57--Arrive home. 4:58--Deploy pajamas.

I shouldn't be this tired. I had a three day weekend. I did next to nothing yesterday. I even went to bed at a reasonable time. I only made it through 1.2 miles on the treadmill this morning. There was no air conditioning at work this morning (it was off all weekend too), so the office was about 80 degrees with lots of humidity. I'm sure that contributed to my dragging behind all day. Even drinking lots of cool liquids didn't help me perk up at all. So now I'm at home, preparing to climb into bed by 8pm, with a great likelihood that the lights will be out by 8:30. I'm reserving judgment about getting up for a workout tomorrow until I wake up in the morning.

I have *got* to remember to buy healthy snacks for work when I go shopping this week. I'm done with the vending machine snack supply. For starters it's expensive. On top of that it's nothing healthy. I'd prefer a snack a bit lower in sugar content than Odwalla bars, but it's still a couple orders of magnitude better than Cheetos, which I'm convinced have negative nutritional value. Later this week I'll pick up boxes of Berries GoMega and Banana Nut bars.

Ideally, I'd make myself some energy bars, but then I would have to a) remember to cook them every week and b) remember to take them with me every day. I like the idea of having a stash of healthy snackies in my desk drawer. That's much more likely to be a successful solution for me at this time.

Here's the reward I gave myself yesterday for putting away my laundry, cleaning the house and getting other miscellaneous work done. Isn't it delicious?


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