Winter May Have Arrived For the Moment

There's an ice storm warning for the area tonight. The freezing rain was supposed to have started this afternoon and then continued overnight with up to 1/2" ice accumulation. So far, there is no precipitation at all, though the temperature is dropping quite nicely. Of course, I needed to go to the grocery store tonight. I expected the store to be crazy busy, but it wasn't any worse than usual. There was plenty of bread and peanut butter left on the shelves. To top it all off, most of what I needed to buy had preferred customer discounts. I may go to a different branch of the same store chain tomorrow since my absolute favorite herb tea (Sleepytime Extra) is only $1 per box! I could buy all the tea they've got for that price!!!

By tomorrow afternoon, the high temperature will be above freezing. Later in the week it'll be over 60 degrees F. I'm sure people will be talking about the weather fluctuations causing them to become ill. You'd think people in healthcare jobs wouldn't perpetuate an untrue assertion about the etiology of colds and flu. Alas, this is not necessarily the case. Then again, I suppose you'd expect trainers at the gym to not say "a pound of fat weighs more than a pound of muscle" too. (Muscle is, in fact, more dense than fat, so the volume of a pound of muscle is smaller than a pound of fat. With few exceptions, a pound of any substance weighs the same as a pound of any other substance. This is how I have managed to maintain the same weight, but get smaller in the past month.) Nonetheless, I will endeavor to bite my tongue and not roll my eyes.


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